Make Money With AdMaven [ Sponsored Post]


AdMaven is an advertising network like google adsense, it is a good alternative to google adsense, this network has a very simple interface and very friendly to users, am going to give you a full details of this network, with AdMaven you can be able to make good pay as a publisher, and payment is also made easy no hassle when paying their publishers.

AdMaven is experienced when it comes to this type of advertising online.  Over 35 years of experience brings AdMaven to be one of the top in the industry.  A leader in the full-page advertising industry, the platform offers the publisher a range of additional ways for monetizing his website.  This includes the traditional pop-ups, banners, lightbox ads, sliders, interstitial ads and new tab options

What we like about AdMaven:

The CPM rates for AdMaven are high.  Hence, the revenue and return on traffic for publishers are strong.  The company developed their own in-house RTB technology.  The real-time bidding system typically connects and associates different networks.  When the user visits a website, the details are sent to the ad exchange where the advertisers bid for ad space on the site.
AdMaven ensures the use of the most modern software algorithms to have their publishers get the highest bids and strong overall CPMs. The company aims to get the best price for the publisher.
Notably, the presence of different ad options is one of the reasons why AdMaven is quite good to have.  These ad options include:

  • Pop-under ads
  • Pop-up banner ad
  • Slider ad
  • Interstitial ads
  • Lightbox ads
  • VPN banner

Plus, these ads are easy to work with. Publishers can monetize their inventory with many type of formats that enable a diverse ad revenue mix. This allows publishers to decrease their business risk by diversifying the revenue portfolio.


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