How to find the right people for your business

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Hi am Akpata Isaac Adeiza also known as IsaacRocks Adeiza CEO of RocksGospel and RocksView Digital Hub.

Today I will be sharing my real life experience with you on how I started my company and what I did to get the right people for my business as a young and coming entrepreneur.

Alot of questions flows into my inbox on daily basis via my Instagram DM *visits* on how to choose the right people for your business and blah blah blah!. The fact remains and will not change, prayer can’t bring you the right people in the whole sense of speaking, I know you have contrary opinion but wait and here me out first as we talk on below.


When I was starting my own business in 2018, I had to quite the job I was doing in a cafe as at that time and I was very naïve going into the entrepreneur journey, I thought employing many hands in the business was going to save me but the fact remains regardless your conviction.

“Your conviction does not change fact”, I started by employing them, alot of them.


After employing the so called helpers I found out that at the end of the month nothing to show for thier works and that was very bad for me as a person, I paid from my pocket and I was running broke, I kept praying until one day I found out what the problem was.


The problem was not even their fault but my fault as a leader, I found out that out of desperation to make the company work I over employed people who are less productive because of the fact that they were too many for the work, they relax believing that the next person would take care of their loopholes and that was what was affecting the company.

The believed they are many so if am not working the other person should be and this ideology is not just for my workers but for every human, when the works force is too large it decreases productivity.

Productity is what you need not many people, in your life, your office, your business and your circle you dont’t need so much humans all you need is productivity.


You need people who can deliver at your term both supervised and unsupervised, people who can be you when you are not their I have heard people say how I wish I can divide myself but the truth is that when you have few productive people around you they are more like you into another copy of how many they are.


When finding the right people for your business, it’s important to consider if they:

  • have the behaviours and values you’re looking for
  • will fit with you and your organisational culture
  • have realistic expectations about what it’s like to work in care.

  1. Ensure that the people you are bringing into your life or your business are people who carries the same values and behaviours with you and your organization, ensure they are people of principle and well mannered. You can know all this by studying the body language of people and how they react to their environment.
  2. Just like the firs the rule I won’t speak much here, ensure they are people of like mind as your organization, give them a roadmap to follow.
  3. Have a realistic expectations on what you want them to deliver to and for you, be real, don’t exaggerate your thoughts don’t over think it, don’t even plan it fo too long so as not to make the wrongs decision. Be minimal and you will see the result this will yield to you.

Whatever I shared with you here are what I have practiced and it has worked for me so much, ensure to put them to consistent practice and you will come back to thank me the them.

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