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How the beans sorting technique can help you in business, career and life. Before I go deep into the ocean we are going to explore what the beans sorting technique is in a real life time and how it applies to business.

First of all when I Just came to Abuja in Nigeria for the sake of people reading from outside the country Abuja is the federal capital of Nigeria.

 When First came into the city I found out that allot of people kept advising me in different angles and direction of live and it got to a point as good as the advise were they weren’t helping me even though some did helped me out in navigating how the city operates and how to do things as a new comer in the city

It got to a point 80% of the information’s weren’t helping out and because of the ideologies they were selling into me I was becoming something else , my mind was changing drastically for bad and I couldn’t cope with myself as a new comer in the city.

I didn’t know where to really go because  everyone was my chief advisor, this was the point I knew if I don’t do something something will happen to me .

I implored the beans sorting technique which I once shared on my Instagram page right and this technique helped me so much than you can ever think, like I usually say you are your best mentor never allow anyone brainwash you into their own ideology, not all advice are suitable for your life and not all ideology can work for you as a person.

This am sharing with you free of charge cost me, money and years of learning from top mentors in my field please take it serious.

Now to the definition of the beans sorting technique on your normal life situation. Even though we know that bean is meant for the kitchen but there’s a lesson it thought me that I don’t want to keep to myself.

First let’s look at some other peoples’ opinion before we go into my own opinion, the fact is that no one has ever come up with the beans sorting technique ideology, I had to develop this ideology for my life when I was running into trouble with peoples advice.

So the beans sorting technique goes this way, as we know that in this part of Africa you really need to sort a beans before cooking it cause of the stones and sands  that may be present in the beans.

Without sorting the beans you might be at risk of kidney failure which you won’t want to take such risk.

So this applies to our life’s and daily leaving in a matter that will help you stay healthy and have a good mindset, so let’s go straight to the lesson and technique.

  1. Not all advise is good for you( some advice will motivate you but won’t change your life, so the beans sorting technique help’s you to sort out the right advice that is more applicable to your life than the generically taking advice that will crowd your life to near death.
  2. The best way to stay healthy in any way of life either in business or career is to stop listening to people who don’t have the result of what they preach to you. Never be tempted to listen to people who don’t have the required result to be your motivation, learn to sort out the good advice from the life threatening yet glittering advices.


Ensure to give our life a standard, this helps you to match people’s advice with yours and if they don’t worth advising you then give them your attention but don’t give them your heart.

Let an average human finds it difficult to find his way into your life, never allow humans access to your heart at first sight.

Have a circle of wise people, the people you surround yourself with are very important, don’t pick people out of pity or emotion, pick people who are up to the standard of your life.

Have mentors who has the required result in your field of endeavour, we are going to be calling it a wrap here I hope this changes your life mightily, catch you in our next episode.


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