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Three-time GRAMMY® nominated chart topper Travis Greene continues to bring listeners together and create an elevating experience of love and blessing with the release of his new song “Great Jehovah.” Available now instantly with pre-order of his upcoming album Broken Record, Greene has also released a new video for “Great Jehovah.”

The newest song from his upcoming eleven-track album, the buoyant, high-energy track follows on the heels of the single “Good & Loved” (feat. Steffany Gretzinger) and lead single “Won’t Let Go.” His two latest songs have quickly garnered acclaim among fans and peers everywhere, showcasing the gifts of performance, engaging culture, and song craft that have made him one of the most refreshing hit artists, songwriters and producers of this generation. Celebrating the fastest rise for his new video in a week with over 1 million views of “Good & Loved,” his live performance with Gretzinger and the official video for “Won’t Let Go” collectively have over 2.3 million views and counting.

Greene’s continuing to perform around the country, and will next perform in an album pre-release event in Washington DC on Saturday October 5th, at the 12th Annual Spirit of Praise Celebration sponsored by Radio One, Inc., Praise 104.1, DC’s Inspiration station. Tickets are available now, with the Spirit of Praise Celebration also featuring Kurt Carr, William McDowell, Koryn Hawthorne, Jonathan Nelson & Purpose, and BET’s “Sunday Best” winner Melvin Crispell, III and finalists Joshua Copeland and Tiffany Andrews.

Greene is also performing on the 4th Annual Black Music Honors, in the tribute honoring hip hop icons Arrested Development, airing now in national syndication.

Watch Video Below;

Travis Greene: Broken Record is available for pre-order Now!! Click Here To Pre-Order

Here for You Lord
Desperate for more
Hearts filled with praise, take over this place
Have Your way
Have Your way
Have Your way
Have Your wayCome on you all sing it
We’re here for you (we’re here for You Lord)
Hey, and we are (desperate for more)
Our hearts are filled with praise (our hearts filled with praise)
Take over this place (take over this place)
(And have Your way)
All we want (have Your way)
All we need (have Your way)
Come on, we really need You Jesus (have Your way)And so we sing
We are desperate
We are waiting for You Lord
Have Your way
Really, tell herWe are desperate (we are desperate)
We are waiting (we are waiting for You Lord)
So have your way Holy Spirit (have Your way)
Come on you got it, sing it
We are desperate (we are desperate)
We are waiting (we are waiting for You Lord)
(Have Your way)
Come on you got it now, sing it out
Say we are desperate (we are desperate)
We are waiting (we are waiting for You Lord)
Have Your way (have Your way)
Let’s worship nowWe are here for You Lord
So have Your way
Have Your way, hey
Have Your way
Have Your way
So have Your way (have Your way), yeah
(Have Your way)
We really want You Jesus
(Have Your way) have Your way
(Have Your way) come on say: have Your way
(Have Your way) this is Your moment
(Have Your way) moved by Your power
(Have Your way) right here, right now
(Have Your way) you’re the worshipper, say: have Your way
(Have Your way)
(Oh, oh Jesus)
(Have Your way) yeah
(Have Your way) ey ohh
(Have Your way) we really want You
(Have Your way) like the tear that’s running
(Have Your way) co come, run it
(Have Your way) I’m so depth and thirsty, I’m so depth and thirsty
(Have Your way)
Somebody lift your hands and worship our King of KingsEy ooh ah
WoohGreat Je (hovah)
(Ruler of everything)
You’re so good, our defen (our defender)
You are (you are the most High King)
Another time, let me see you hands clapGreat Je (Great Jehovah)
Wooh (ruler of everything)
(Our defender)
You are (You are the Most High King), wooh
Sau Great Je (Great Jehovah)
Hey, You’re ruler of (ruler of everything)
Hey, yeah our de (our defender)
You are (You are the Most High King)Say God you reign
God you reign
Ruler (ruler of everything)
That’s it
God you reign (God you reign)
(You are the Most High King)


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